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Amani Bebe Nursing Pillow - Under Construction

Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural method of feeding your baby and building a special bond with you baby. For those mums who can and choose to do so, whilst a beautiful experience, it can be demanding on your body and place great strain on your neck, back and shoulders, if you are not properly supported. 

You will often feed your new baby 2-4 hours everyday, for months and maybe a couple of years, so it is important that your are comfortable t enjoy this wonderful bonding experience. 

To support you and your baby, during feeding (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding) Babyhood has designed a range of nursing pillows to suit different mums with one bub or two from the petite boppy pillow to our twin nursing pillow to our most popular favourite - The Babyhood Nursing Pillow with Toy Bar- 4 in 1. 

Don't settle for the imitations, look for the original Babyhood nursing pillow - you will love it like thousands of other mums have. 

We recommend the range of Babyhood feeding glider chairs and matching ottomans which are designed to be used with the Babyhood nursing pillows for the optimal nursing experience. 

Enjoy the pleasure of feeding you baby comfortably - without the stress and pain with a Babyhood Nursing Pillow.