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Angelcare AC417-2 Movement Video & Sound Monitor + FREE Angelcare Napppy Bin Valued at $39.95

Advanced analytics and sophisticated design gives parents the ultimate peace of mind. Angelcare's AC417 Video, wireless Movement and Sound monitor allows parents to relax whilst baby is resting. Digital audio, secure video and room temperature reports enable parents to better respond to baby's needs. 

The Angelcare Wireless Sensor Pad is designed to be placed under baby's mattress where it monitors subtle movements while baby sleeps. The AC417 features our new wireless movement sensor pad which collects and stores data on the systems parent unit. 

Parents can now not only monitor movement, but also review data reports covering the last two months - enabling them to adjust conditions in the nursery for improving baby's sleep. The camera features a wide angle lens, colour coded digital temperature display and two-way audio. 


Under-the-Mattress Sensor Pad: The sensor pad monitors all baby'd movements, even the slightest ones. An alarm will sound if o movement has been detected for 20 seconds. 

Adjustable Sensitivity Settings: sensitivity of the sensor pads can be adjusted as your baby grows an becomes more active.

Low Battery Indicator: The red light on the nursery unit flashes when batteries need replacing. 

Portable and Rechargeable Parent Unit: Keep your portable parent unit charged to monitor your baby on the go. 

Temperature Display and Control: The temperature in baby's room is displayed on the parent unit, an alarm can be set to sound if the temperature is too high or too low.

Crystal Clear Sound Transmission: Enjoy crystal clear sound transmission with multiple channels to choose from. 

Battery or Mains Operated: In case of a power failure the monitor reverts to batteries automatically. 

Continuous or Voice-activated sound Monitoring: The monitor can be set to continuous or voice-activated sound transmission, so you can hear all sounds in your baby's room or just when your baby cries. 

Camera Zoom and Rotate: Using the Parent Unit it is possible to zoom and rotate the camera in the Nursery Unit.