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Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor - AC401-2PU-A

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor - AC401-2PU-A

  • Under-The-Mattress Movement Sensor Pad - the sensor pad monitors all our baby's movements, even the slightest ones. An alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds. Features variable sensitivity settings. 
  • Volume Control & Vibration Alert - Adjust the sound levels to suit you and monitor your baby even with sound off. 
  • Crystal Clear Transmission - Enjoy crystal clear transmission with 8 channels. 
  • Batteries or Mains Operated - In case of a power failure the monitor reverts to batteries automatically. 
  • Nursery Night Light - The halo on the Nursery Unit acts as a soothing night light and allows you to check your baby with minimal disruption. 
  • Full Colour Display - The colour LCD screen on the Parent Unit clearly displays a number of monitoring features, so even if the sound is off you'll know what's going on. 
  • Audio "Tic" Feature - The optional "Tic" sound feature reassures you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently. 
  • Hold & Mute - If, for example, you need to feed or change your baby, the sound and movement alarm can be temporarily deactivated. 
  • Temperature Display and Control - Monitor's and shows the temperature in the baby's room with the temperature indicator on the Parent Unit. Alarm sounds if the temperature is too high or too low.
  • 2 Portable & Rechargeable Parent Units - Put the two Parent Units in two different rooms or clip the small portable Parent Unit to your belt and monitor your baby on the go. 
  • Out-Of-Range Indicator - The Out-Of-Range indicator function will advise you when the two units are not communicating with each other. Out of range situations can be caused by distance or by physical interference's.
  • Continuous or Voice-Activated Sound Monitoring - The Angelcare system can be set to continuous or voice-activated sound monitoring. Microphone sensibility is adjustable so you can hear all sounds in baby's room or just when baby cries.