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Baby Toothland EleFriend Bendable Toothbrush

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Baby Banana Toddler Toothbrush – Elefriend

 The Baby Banana EleFriend toddler toothbrush is a high quality toothbrush for toddlers. The cute and innovative design makes brushing a fun activity for the toddler and promotes healthy oral habits.


Ideal for Batter Oral Health

 The bendable and small head of the toothbrush make it ideal for a toddler to brush teeth and reduce mouth injuries. The soft nylon bristles are tough on plaque but soft on the gums. The neck is the Elephant’s trunk which is flexible making it easy for toddlers to adjust to the brush.


Made from the safest materials

 Made with food grade polymer and polypropylene, the Baby Banana EleFriend is the safest toddler toothbrush. The soft nylon bristles prevent mouth injuries but effective in plaque removal.


Easy to Clean

 The innovative design enables the toothbrush to stand which helps in naturally drying the toothbrush. The toothbrush is dishwasher safe making it easy for cleaning.