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Grotime Overture Caboodle (Cot, Bassi Crib, Changer/Bedside Kit, Single Bed Kit) - Mountain Ash

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The Full Caboodle!

The Grotime Overture Caboodle offers you everything you ever need to set up your nursery. The Overture cot is designed specifically for modern living where efficient use of space is just as paramount as the design style and functionality. Not only is this crib compact and stylish, it can be converted into an adorable bassinet using the existing crib ends. Simply assemble your cot ends onto the bassinet kit for the first few months when its important to have your precious newborn baby right near you in the bedroom or wherever you may be. Between 2 - 3 months, your baby will be ready for the crib (with the base in the upper level). The Overture can also be converted into multiple different functions by adding on the changer/bedside attachment which give you a change table attached to your cot, then transforms into 2 bedside tables when you make it into a single bed. All items required to assemble in any function are INCLUDED IN THE FULL CABOODLE!

The Overture cot is simple enough to be dressed to suit any style home. With no dropside or moving parts — it's the safest sleeping environment you could ask for. Its has never been easier to have your baby right where you want it, even with homes with limited space. This crib fits through a standard 820 doorway, built for practical parents in modern lifestyles. We make it easy!

This 'Global Size' cot is designed to global growth pattern statistics to ensure it provides a safe sleeping environment for your child as it develops. Typically between the age of 2-3, children are climbing things, therefor it is safest for them to make the transition into a 'Big' bed, which is easy with the Overture cot..simply roll your cot ends over and add the single bed kit!


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