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Gumme Glove - Turquoise

Is your baby always dropping their teether onto the floor? Or losing it in their pram?

Are you constantly looking around for it and then having to clean it? If so, this product is for your baby and for you!

The innovative Gummee Glove has been devised so that you are provided with peace of mind knowing that your baby’s teether is clean and that baby will be more content. Designed for babies too young to have developed enough fine motor and hand control to hold a teether, the Gummee Glove has an adjustable velcro closure that secures it around baby’s wrist.

Gummee Glove has many original features including having three food grade silicon teethers. Two of these are permanently attached to the sides of the glove. Whilst the third is held in place with an internal velcro closure. This enables you to remove it for cleaning or to refrigerate it so that you can give baby a cold teether on which to chew. Moreover, it allows you to replace the teether with another if you wish.

Gummee Glove is made from 100% cotton drill in a sunshine yellow colour with deep purple contrasts. This is fantastic colour choice to attract a baby.

Your baby can explore and develop their visual and auditory senses as on the back of the glove is a large crinkly patch providing noise for added play and stimulation and it is patterned in black and white.

Adding to this, Gummee Glove comes in its own little drawstring carry bag / laundry bag. Pop Gummee Glove inside the bag (after removing the removable teether) before machine washing on the gentle cycle.


1 x Gummee Glove
1 x orange food grade silicon ‘heart shaped’ teether
1 x Carry bag / laundry bag

Adjustable velcro closure
Fits babies from about 3 months of age
Prevents baby from chewing their fingers
Bright sunshine yellow
100% cotton drill
Machine washable
Laundry bag / carry bag supplied
Removable replaceable teether
Crinkly, high contrast patch
BPA, Phthalate and latex free
Meets all Australian standards
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 4cm

Ages: 3 – 6 months