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Infasecure Aspire More Booster Seat - Midnight Blue 4-8YR

 Infasecure Aspire More Booster Seat - Midnight Blue 4-8yrs.

Aspire More, The tallest Booster Seat on the Australian Market 

Aspire More is a Booster Seat suitable for children aged between approximately 4 and 8 years old. Aspire features an adjustable, locking headrest which enables the seat to grow with your child. This child restraint uses the vehicles adult lap & sash belt. It also features a top tether strap for simple installation. Aspire More is the tallest Booster Seat on the Australian market, seating children up to a seated shoulder height of 57cm. 

Premium Materials and Comfort; Active Bamboo

Aspire More features our new Active Bamboo covers. Active Bamboo is a high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric. The gently woven yarn wicks away moisture, keeping your child cool and dry whilst offering a soft, smooth surface. This ensures your child's travels in complete comfort. 

Additionally, the gorgeous new Active Bamboo covers overlay an unprecedented level of padding, with up to 3 times the padding of our previous child restraints! As a result, it's the most comfortable rise we've ever produced. 

Premium Safety; Air Cocoon Technology (A.C.T) & Secur-air 

Secur-air works hand in hand with Air Cocoon Technology to dramatically reduce crash energy to a child's head. Aspire More comes with A.C.T as a standard feature, which alone reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard. With the addition of Secur-air, your restraint gains a third layer of protection for your child's head. 

Premium Convenience; 

Aspire More includes a slew of features designed to make travel easier. Aspire More is easier to use and install due to the all-new labelling. It also comes with free In case of Emergency label with every Premium restraint. this ensures that emergency services have all the information they need, should you ever be in an accident.