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InfaSecure Protecta Door Extension White 98CM

The Infa Secure Protecta Door Gate Extensions are used with the Infa Secure Protecta Door Barrier to close larger gaps. Available in 7 sizes, almost any sized opening can be covered. You can have one extension on each side of the gate ? if the opening requires more than on extension each side you will need to also purchase the joiner kit.

The gate itself opens from 760mm to 820mm (a 60mm difference). Maximum configuration of gate with largest extensions is 2995mm

- To be used with the Infa Secure Protect Gate - sold separately
- Available in White or Silver

Sizes Available:
Joiner Kit - 55mm
80mm - 1 bar
140mm - 2 bar
280mm - 4 bar
490mm - 7 bar
980mm - 14 bar
1490mm - 21 bar