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Medela Valve Head & Membranes (2 Valves/6 Membranes)

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The Medela Valves & Membranes pack provides essential extras for your Medela Breast Pump and keeps it ticking over as it should. The replacement parts are easy to fit.

Features and benefits for Medela Valve and Membranes

  • Replacement valves and membranes that fit most Medela breast pumps to keep them functioning properly

  • Additional parts are easy to fit and use, with minimal wasted time so that you can get back to your little one

Mothercare Loves...

… This pack of valves and membranes as it allows you to be fully prepared to maintain your pump.

Want To Know More?

The Medela Valve & Membrane pack is essential for replacing any valves and membranes on your Medela breast pump. The parts are easy to fit and take little time, meaning that your pump can return to working as it should and you can get back to taking care of your little one.

The Medela Valve & Membrane pack comes with full and straightforward instructions on how to replace your components.

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What's in the box:

  • 2 x Valve Head

  • 6 x Membrane