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Owlet Smart Sock 3 Baby Original Monitor - Mint

Owlet Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor.

With the Owlet Smart Sock 3 parents can sleep better at night, and be more relaxed during baby's naptime, knowing that if they need to attend to their baby, they will be notified via their phone and base station.

Track what really matters - the Smart Sock 3 monitors what really matters: oxygen levels and heart rate.  It is the only Baby monitor to do so and does this via safe, clinically-proven and accurate pulse oximetry technology.

The sensor is encased in a specifically-designed sock that is wrapped around one of the baby's feet.  Parents are notified via the base station and a smart phone Owlet App if the readings for heart rate and oxygen levels fall outside of the pre-set (medically established) parameters.  


  • two sock sizes with left and right-fitting socks in each size (4 in total)
  • Suitable for a broader size and weight range of babies: from 2.3kg up to 13.6kg (approximately 90% of babies up to 18 months)
  • Updated base station with longer range: now up to 30m
  • Wireless charging of the monitor
  • Quick charge option: 8hrs of battery life with 20 min of charging
  • Continues to track through gentle motion - moving baby or rocking cradle
  • Ability to pause notification sounds from the base station and app