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Pea Pods Bamboo Absorber

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Additional Bamboo boosters are available because there are times when your pockets are dry but you just haven't quite gotten there with the insert, or for when your washing machine, drier or the wind has made an insert mysteriously disappear!
Great to have on hand just in case and also great for boosting other nappies when you need. Soft and luxurious just like the original included with the Pea Pods Pockets.
For sized pea pod nappies only.

Washing Instruction

1. Empty any solids from the absober into the toilet

2. Remove absorber

3. Place absorber and nappy into a dry bucket awaiting washing (no soaking required)

4. Wash with other laundry items using only 1/2strength detergent

5. Line or tumble dry on a low heat (Bamboo/Cotton)