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Strucket Mini White - Pink

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Finally!!!  The Strucket Mini is here.  

Your new countertop companion.  The Strucket Mini features the same world-class interlocking strainer and plug system, but is sized to sit on your benchtop.  Soak, drain, sort and store - never touch the mess left behind.  

Popular Uses:

  • Activating nuts - activated nuts contain more enzyme inhibitors and contain more nutrients.  Just pour in the nuts, add salt, soak, rinse and dry.
  • Composting Scraps - keep it handy on your bench to save any food off-cuts and trimmings before burying in the garden. 
  • Cleansing fruit and vegetables - washing fruit and vege has never been simpler. 
  • Peeling vegetables - clean up has never been easier.  Just peel directly into your Mini Strucket.
  • Marinating Meat, cleaning baby toys, make up and hair brushes - the uses are endless.  

Lid Included.  Capacity 4.5L.