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TooshCoosh Booster Seat - Grey

Designed for kids aged 3yrs+ these soft portable booster seats give kids the height and comfort they need to sit up at the dinner table just like an adult. Toosh Coosh brings peace back to mealtimes keeping everyone happy!

Way too big for a high chair, children over 3yrs are still unable to reach the table from an adult chair, often resulting in frustration and a big mess. Many booster seats are too babyish for bigger kids so they don’t want to use them, and – let’s face it booster seats for children can look pretty awful.

The Toosh Coosh Big Kids’ Booster is the kid-friendly, parent- friendly, restaurant-friendly solution with these additional features and benefits: 

 Reduces wiggling – no more kneeling on chairs

 No need for straps – stays put with the weight of a child

 Practical – small and lightweight

 Portable – handy carry grip hold

 Hygienic – easy to wipe clean

 Ergonomic – promotes good seated posture

 Safe – circular pattern on base for added grip to chair

 Versatile – Perfect for craft and homework projects