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Woombie Old Fashioned Organic Air Wrap 3PK - Pink/White/Lime

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3 Pack - Blue, White, Lime

For parents who feel the need to swaddle their baby the more traditional way, we are introducing a safer alternative....

The Woombie Old Fashioned Air-Wrap™- made of 100% Organic Cotton breathable fabric. This product offers a new edge to the traditional square blankets, with a innovative venting system to keep your baby cooler. (Overheating is a risk factor in SIDS.)

Features of The Old Fashioned Air-Wrap™:
Unique 100% Organic Air fabric (has small holes in the fabric)
Allow excess heat to escape
Safer for baby if blanket comes unravelled with the small holes in the fabric allowing air flow
Really Stretchy
Large 120cm x120cm
3 Pack (Different Colours)

Swaddle wrap
Over a stroller to protect from the elements
As a cuddle blanket for toddlers
Burp cloth
Nursing cover
Light toddler blanket
Tummytime blanket