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Woombie Original - Dream On Newborn 2.5-6kg

Swaddling has been shown to help babies sleep better, longer and safer.
Our unique and original design is ergonomically shaped and has a special four-way stretch bebeflex™ fabric that snuggles your baby and moves with them to mimic the womb, unlike any other swaddler.
The Woombie offers the perfect fabric that stretches and re-conforms, making swaddling easy and effective!

Features of the Original Woombie:
Our signature bebeflex™ fabric for the perfect swaddling effect
2 way zipper for easy nappy change
Inside out seam
Ergonomically Peanut shaped and Hip Healthy
Australian Registered Design No: 344570

Size Options
Newborn: Suitable for 0-3 months - 55.75 cm long, 2.5 - 6 kg
Big Baby: Suitable for 3-6 months - 66 cm long, 6.5-9 kg
Mega Baby: Suitable for 6-12 months - 73.5 cm long, 9-11 kg